Simple Solutions x Acne Treatment

June 13, 2017

Simple Solutions – Get Rid of that Acne

Some mornings, I wake up with unpleasant friends on the surface of my skin. These painful and irritating red bumps may be better off as bug bites, but typically they are a from of cystic acne. All the bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil in your pores build up at the root of your follicles, and cause red and tender bumps. So now the question is, how do you zap these monsters away? To share my personal tip, I would have to say it is an old trick in the books, a trick I have heard in the past, but gave no attention to, a trick I thought I tried and saw no results, a trick I now use all the time! This trick I am talking about is simply connected to the word ice! Ice, Ice baby!

Before I begin, I will run through specific details I take, to find and get rid of my acne, and prevent soreness in your face. Every morning or night, as I cleanse my face in circular motions, I feel for any new bumps forming on my face. I personally feel this is the best time to check for any new acne coming up, so you can at all costs, avoid touching your face with dirty, bacteria infested hands! After cleansing, I tone my face, and follow up with the rest of my regimen. Then, I run to my refrigerator, get a piece of ice, wrap it in ceramic wrap, and start to ice away the swollen, bump on my skin. I will ice it for  a good 10 to 15 minutes, and do the same for any other spots on my face. I repeat this process every day, until I see and feel the bumps disappearing. Almost 98% of the time, all my bumps subside and my skin is back to normal! I do not know if there are any medical facts for why this works, but my assumption is that I am freezing away the bacteria in my pores, so they cannot harbor in my follicles and cause acne! Whatever the reason, it works for me! You just have to be patient and be willing to take 10 to 15 minutes of your time, to ice one or multiple bumps. The concept of icing acne is similar to icing swollen injuries. It definitely helps to keep my skin in check, so I hope this old trick in the book helps you too!


  1. Find the bumps while cleansing
  2. Get a piece of ice
  3. Wrap it in ceramic wrap
  4. Ice the bump for 10-15 minutes
  5. Repeat everyday




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